Director of Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics Program, Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University

Andrei Ivanov, PhD

Qi Qi
Research Associate

Xiu Lei Mo
Postdoctoral Researcher

Qiankun Niu
Postdoctoral Researcher

Valentina Gonzalez-Pecchi

Graduate Student (CB)
OB, Universidad de Concepcion, 2011
OM, Universidad de Concepcion, 2013

Lauren RusnakLauren Rusnak
Graduate Student (CB)
BS, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2011
MS, College of William & Mary, 2013

Sean Doyle
MD/Ph.D. student (MSP)
BS, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2010

Sean is an MD/Ph.D. student and began his first year in the MSP program in 2016.

Jingling (Cindy) Xiong
Visiting Medical Student
Xiangya Medical School at Central South University