PI: T.J. Murphy, PhD

Associate Professor 

Emory University 

Department of Pharmacology 

5031 OW Rollins Bldg 

Atlanta, GA 30322 



Recent Publications

    • Abbott KL, Robida AM, Davis ME, Pavlath GK, Camden JM, Turner JT, Murphy TJ. Differential regulation of vascular smooth muscle nuclear factor-kappaB by Gaq-coupled and cytokine receptors. J. Mol Cell Cardiol, 32:391-403 (2000).
    • Robida, A.M., Xu, K., Ellington, M.L. and T.J. Murphy.  Cyclosporin A selectively inhibits mitogen induced cyclooxygenase-2 gene transcription in vascular smooth muscle cells. Mol Pharmacol, 58:701-708 (2000).
    • Xu, K. and T.J. Murphy. Reconstitution of angiotensin receptor mRNA down regulation in vascular smooth muscle: Post-transcriptional control by protein kinase A but not mitogenic signalling directed by the 5’-untranslated region, J. Biological Chem 275:7604-7611 (2000).
    • Zhong, H., Murphy, T.J., and K.P. Minneman.  Activation of STAT’s by alpha1A-adrenergic receptor stimulation in PC12 cells. Mol Pharmacol, 57:961-967 (2000).
    • Minneman, K.P., Lee, D., Zhong, H., Berts, A., Abbott, K.L. and T.J. Murphy. Transcriptional responses to growth factor and G protein coupled receptors in PC12 cells: comparison of a1-adrenergic receptor subtypes. J. Neurochem, 74:2392-2400 (2000).
    • Schaffhauser, H., Cai, Z., Hubalek, F., Macek, T.A., Pohl, J., Murphy, T.J. and P.J. Conn.  cAMP-Dependent protein kinase inhibits mGLuR2 coupling to G-proteins by direct receptor phosphorylation. J Neuroscience 20:5663-5670 (2000).
    • Xu, K., Robida, A.M and T.J. Murphy.  Immediate early MEK1 dependent stabilization of rat smooth muscle cell cyclooxygenase-2 mRNA by Gaq-coupled receptor signaling, J. Biological Chem 275:23012-23019 (2000).
    • Wang, X. and T.J. Murphy. The inducible cAMP-early repressor ICERIIg inhibits CREB and AP-1 transcription  but not AT1 receptor gene expression in vascular smooth muscle cells.  Mol Cell Biochem 212:111-119 (2000).