Welcome to the Feng Lab!

We are interested in how RNA-binding proteins and non-coding RNAs govern normal brain development and function, and how posttranscriptional dysregulation at the steps of mRNA biogenesis, stability, and translation may lead to malfunction of neurons and glia in mental and neurological diseases. Taking a multidisciplinary strategy and a combination of molecular, cellular, genetics and pharmacological approaches, our current research focuses on the following directions:

Translation regulation in neuronal development, synaptic plasticity and brain disorders 

Posttranslational abnormalities in psychiatric diseases

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Yue FengDr. Yue Feng
Professor and PI
Department of Pharmacology
Emory University School of Medicine
Office: 5029 Rollins Research Center
Phone: 404-727-0351
Lab Number: 404-727-3230
Fax: 404-727-0365
Email: yfeng@emory.edu